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Land Zorb Balls for Hire

Since 2002 when Zorbing was first introduced to the UK, Zorb Balls have become one of the goto items in any outdoor adrenaline fuelled event worth it's salt. From gentle hamster balling to Zorb obstacle courses and even some downhill Zorbing (within reason!), the Land Zorbs have given numerous people the chance to experience this unique, safe fun equipment the world over.

Made from clear high quality vinyl, the participants enter an enormous hollow inflatable ball where they can either attempt to manipulate the ball themselves, or with the help of our staff, can roll about whilst they take care of the rest.

Constructed in two sections, the inner housing allows the user to enter and walk within the ball itself, and the outer supplying a large inflatable air filled safety cushion to ensure a soft landing if you flip! So if you ever had the inclination to behave like a hamster in a ball then your dreams have come true.


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