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Photobooth Hire

The ABC Events Photobooth was one of the first to incorporate the much lauded Green Screen aspect to background images within the booth. By offering the user up to six different backgrounds that can be used for up to four images, you will never be short on choice! Not only that but these can be tailor made to suit whatever theme your event requires.

Housed in a full sized retro casing, much like the ones in the old Post Office, the actual internals are thouroughly modern in ever aspect. From the aformentioned green screen technology to the full touch screen operation to broadband connectivity alowing all images to be immediately uploaded to your company's soical sites or even your own.

We also supply you event with a chest of fun, stylized and themed props, hats and costumes - like Mr Ben in a box! If that wasn't adding enough colour, then choosing one of the many image filters will from Andy Warhol inspired to traditional Sepia tint.

We are always adding to our software to use in booth for all clients such as special golden ticket incentives, user questionairres, image morphing and brandedm photo strips designed inhouse by our graphic design team.

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All our equipment is owned by us and housed in our HQ warehouse