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  Golf Simulator

Our unique Virtual Golf Simulator can be located either indoors or outdoors, encased within our specially designed blackout tents and marquees.

We utilise a state-of-the-art twin laser sensor pad that can analyse your swing so clearly the software can not only determine the speed of your swing, but also the angle, face and heel - all of which can help you improve your swing.

Set up on a bed of synthetic grass, surrounded by white picket fencing, we will set up the sensor adjacent to the HD projector facing into the blackout tent. At the rear there will be a computerised 3D representation of a choice of well known world courses or, as appropriate, the furthest drive/closest to the pin field of play.

In order for spectators to enjoy the spectacle, we can also simultaneously broadcast the graphical view and ambient sounds to an external HD viewing source. There will be no hiding you skills, or lack of, to your team mates.

Scoreboards can be kept if you wish to make the event more competitive with prizes being awarded to the winner if required.

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All our equipment is owned by us and housed in our HQ warehouse