Clown Entertainer and Workshop

Why not add something different to your events this year or participate in a unique Team Building experience by learning the skills necessary to wear that red nose with pride!

Clownerella will teach you a range of core skills and introduce you to the classics such as Diabolo Sticks, Balloon Modelling, Juggling and Plate Spinning. A fantastic addition to your Summer Fun Day this year!


Using two sticks with a connecting string, manipulate the Jester Diabolo cups joined together at their base to spin them into motion. From there you would learn to throw and catch them using some nifty tricks to catch them again.

Balloon Modelling

An age old classic, use specially designed balloons and twist and turn them into shapes, animals and even spaceships - if you can.

Juggling Balls

From two balls to mastering three, you'll be impressed once you get the hang of it and the earn a new party trick.

Plate Spinning

With counter sunk plates, quickly spin the stick to gather centrifugal force to keep the plate level and spinning. From there it's down to your presentation and bravery as you throw the plate up and catch it on the sticks without dropping it. Be prepared to get frustrated!



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