Carnival Side Stalls Hire

Inspired by the traditional carnival or fun fair games known and loved by all, the side stalls are a great feature at any event. With red and yellow striped waterproof canvas surrounding, they are a real eye catcher and suitable for both indoor and outdoor events. Complete with prizes these are a welcome addition to any event for any ages including fun days and corporate events.

Hook A Duck

Quack quack, can you hook a winner? It’s difficult just to hook a duck but to make things even more interesting we only have a few winning ducks in the pond, frustration mounts as you get further away from your seemingly easy task. But with determination and a steady hand you could still win a prize, always popular with all ages people will be queuing up for a go.

Coconut Shy Hire

Always popular bringing fond memories of childhood days at the fair, coconut shy is a fantastic, fun filled game where people try to knock a coconut from its stand. Determination will be on the participant’s faces as they take aim and throw with all their might trying to connect with a coconut with a tennis ball. With a variety of targets to choose from at different heights and distances to add to the difficulty, your guests will be entertained and entertaining as they attempt to win a prize.

 Tin Can Alley Hire

A game of both skill and luck, accuracy and fate, cork guns at the ready aim and shoot! This is perhaps the quintessential original western style carnival game, where shooters try to prove their accuracy and superiority to friends and rivals. The aim of course to knock a can off the triangle, with only limited shots, sounds easy….it’s not.

 Cactus Toss Hire

Who knew how much fun could be had trying to lasso a cactus? You will be amazed how addictive this activity is as your guests come back time and time again to try and hook one of the cactus limbs, judging the right angle and technique to succeed.

Ball and Bucket Hire

Probably the easiest least challenging game of all this is perfect for all ages and skill levels, simply throw the ball into the bucket, though some skill is required to make the ball stay in the bucket and not bounce back out.

Hoopla Hire

The aim is simple, try and throw a plastic ring around the targets, great for all ages as luck has as much to do with success in this game as skill does.

Our creative team are also able to change the theme of these games to suit your event.

Darts Hire

To win a prize in this authentic vintage style Carnival game you have three chances of scoring 21. Throw your darts with as much skill as you can to win fantastic Carnival prizes. Suitable for all ages. DU{/edsanimate}CK HIRE

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