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The ABC Events Team had a busy afternoon at Norton House Hotel near Edinburgh on Monday. Four teams from YFM Private Equity were ready to battle it out for the ABC Trophy and more importantly, not take home the dreaded ABC Wooden Spoon.

Our teams names where as always, inspirational and well thought out: The Krankies, The Bravehearts, The Big Macs and the Khyber Tossers who all had eight activities to compete in.

The Caber Toss was a little confusing to our English guests with our mini-caber apparently being a bit heavier than it looked but The Big Mac’s rose to the challenge however and took away the most points.

Haggis Hurling was another exotic activity but the Braveheart’s lived up to their name and using tactics and a little luck managed to finish 300 points ahead of their closest rivals the Big Mac’s who finished on 1800.

The Claymore hold was very tightly contested. The difference between the winning Team, The Braveheart’s, and last team the Krankies was only 350 points. This was another desceivingly difficult activity that featured the best gurning faces seen this year from the men folkeven though they got beat hands down by the ladies who we allowed to use both hands, just to even the playing field.

The Weight Over Bar event was very popular with our teams. The guys and girls of each team using all their might to try and score maximum points. It was all still to play for in our two final events. The Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting was excellent to watch and we had some real sharp shooters on our hand – except the poor Braveheart’s who just couldn’t quite shoot our laser clays the quickest.

The penultimate event proved to be pretty challenging for all our teams and the scores were exceptionally close. The Duck Herding challenge made our teams round up a flock of ducks and lead them through a variety of obstacles before settling them safely into their pen. It was safe to say that Elaine’s three collie’s were the real stars of the show but the Krankies came out on top only 80 points ahead of second placed Big Mac’s.

Once the scores were tallied it was time for the prize giving ceremony. In last place was the Bravehearts who finished on a respectable 6390 points and who also had the ‘joy’ of taking home the ABC wooden spoon. In third was the Krankies on 6990. In second place was the Big Mac’s with an excellent score of 7725 which meant our overall winners on the day was the Khyber Tossers with a trophy winning score of 8400.

ABC Events would like to thank all from YFM Private Equity for taking part and the Norton House Hotel for staging our event. We looked forward to working with you all again soon.



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