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UWS Summer BBQ 2016

It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year since we delivered the last UWS staff event, a fantastic event which allows the hardworking staff to relax and enjoy a delicious BBQ and a selection of our exciting and fun activities.

This year we went for a "Euro" theme for the event in celebration of the upcoming tournament.  From our traditional Foosball Table to our Big screen games, there was plenty of opportunity for guests to get their football fix. With our large cinematic screen, wireless controllers and PA system it was difficult to miss the roar of the crowd echo around the room as students and staff competed head to head.

There was a great atmosphere at the event with everyone enjoying the BBQ, drinks and competitions. Senior Students were also in attendance and this gave them a great opportunity to take on their lecturers in a variety of the activities. I have to say the lecturers held their own and more often than not triumphed over their students.

The soundtrack to the afternoon came in the form of student based bands taking to the stage and belting out a mixture of sweet indie grooves and social conscious hip hop.

The bravest among the crowd descended upon our inflatable Eliminator which works as a sort of Bungee Run crossed with a Tug O War pitting one against one in a race to gather the all the Velcro pads. There was certainly more falling and laughter involved than any actual skills but that's what it is all about at the end of the day.

Finishing up with speeches from the UWS faculty bringing this year’s BBQ to a close it was with a fond farewell that we said goodbye to the UWS team but we will see you all again soon. Thank you to Fiona and Matt for arranging another fantastic event.


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