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Here at ABC Events we pride ourselves on our dedication to provide excellent customer service for our clients and build the best reputation for our business. A big driving force behind our success is the staff that we employ who help deliver our events and the effort they put in to provide the most professional service possible along the way. One of our aims for 2015 is to invest more in the training and development of our part-time staff, providing them with the opportunity to learn new skills and achieve ABC Events accreditation during their time with the company.

On Saturday 16th of May 2015, we held our first ABC Events Level 1 Training Academy, and what a fantastic turn out it was! ABC HQ was filled with passionate and excited recruits, eager to learn the ropes and gain their level 1 certification. During our level 1 training, the new ABC Events hopefuls made their way round 4 key areas, providing them with the knowledge and capabilities to head out and deliver an event to the high standards both ABC Events and our customers expect.

Our Customer Service training gave the new recruits a chance to receive an understanding of the level of service we deliver day in day out and the expectations we have for them. Providing our new team members with the chance to learn and identify good customer service traits and to also understand why it is such a vital part of our business. It is as important to us as a business that our team understand the ABC Events way, so during our training academy it is not a case of our current team lecturing the recruits. We actively seek ways for contribution and engagement to occur in order to develop further their level of understanding.

Moving on to area two Event Production and Construction the recruits were given an insight into planning an event layout, the importance of a good layout and also how all of these elements can impact other areas of the event set up and de-rig. At ABC Events every detail counts and our team of professional Event Enthusiasts have instilled this importance in our new recruits to ensure every event no matter the size is as exceptional as the next.

From Event Production to Equipment set up and maintenance, as we are now hitting our summer Fun Day season it was imperative for our trainees to learn how to set up, inflate, deflate and roll a range of inflatables in all shapes and sizes, safely and professionally. Highlighting the importance of good equipment maintenance was our Warehouse Supervisor “When packing down it is everyone in the team’s job to ensure the equipment is checked, cleaned and any damages are reported to the Event Manager. It makes the warehouse team’s job easier when 6 vans are coming back and we can locate and fix equipment efficiently.”

Health and Safety in the work place is extremely important in any business and here at ABC events we take the training and implementation of the correct procedures very seriously. Delivering an understanding of the high priority Health and Safety must play in every single event from arrival at HQ, throughout set up, delivery and dismantle was the aim of this section. From manual handling to driving at work and warehouse safety all elements were covered by our team.

After each of the level 1 sessions were completed our new ABC Events recruits sat there Training ACADEMY Level 1 examination. Testing them on every aspect which they had learnt from the day and I am delighted to announce that all of our new recruits passed with flying colours and are now certified on behalf of ABC Events. All of the recruits will now move on to their level 2 training and will continue to develop their knowledge on equipment, event design and delivery as the summer continues. Congratulations to all of you and remember we are ABC!!!



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