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Team Building at Melville Castle

The inspiring Melville Castle, just South of Edinburgh, was the location for a slightly more laid back Team Building day for Standard Life. A beautiful day meant that all activities were able to be held outdoors within the Castle grounds.

Smaller numbers meant for a more intimate and personal day with Craig and David able to lead their own teams to each activity. The word ‘Lead’ being used loosely as in order to find each activity our teams had to read compass points to find each activity.

Chain Reaction was the icebreaker of choice before our teams were let loose into the wilderness. Our teams had to use speed and communication in order to finish the task in a head to head competition. For an icebreaker it was hotly contested and it was obvious that bragging rights were being highly sought.

NASA was proving to be a thought provoking activity with plenty of debate and suggestions being tossed around by both teams. I’m glad to say that both our teams were deemed by NASA to survive the challenge laid down before them.

String Test was thought by many of our competitors to be our most challenging activity on the day and quite probably the most hilarious. Planning, communication and trust were pushed to the limits for both teams.

After our teams had competed in our three activities it was time for the Slingshot finale. It was excruciatingly tight going into the final challenge of the day and it was all to play for. It’s safe to say that one team had a better creative mind-set… Both teams had to design a contraption capable of launching an object as far as possible with no human interaction.


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