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It was that time of year again for ABC Events to join St. Johnstone Business Club in celebrating another fantastic year. The brilliant Best Western Queens Hotel in Perth played host to the evening’s events as the guests took part in the ABC Events Casino Night.

The croupiers stacked their chips and straightened their bow ties as the guests came to the end of their delicious homemade curry and the speeches got underway.

The Event organisers Derek and Martine started the night off welcoming everyone, the fun money was dished out and the rules for the evening entertainment event were explained. Ready to rock and roll the Casino Night got underway.

Nicole, our Blackjack dealer was instantly surrounded with hopeful gamblers swapping their fun money for chips and placing their bets. Kev, Chris and Murray proved luck was on their side, winning the first 7 hands against the dealer!! As expected after those hands, the men were glued to their lucky positions, stacking their chips higher and higher after every hand.

Our Roulette dealers David and Euan were on fire with the Roulette wheel, scooping up piles of chips from our unlucky betters as Bob played host to a full table of Blackjack hopefuls and witnessed his first ever 5 in a row winner Tracey!

As the night went on, the champagne flowed and the true winners started to shine. In the end, the ladies took the lead! Lucky Alison came in 3rd place with £3280 worth of chips, Fiona came second with a hefty £4160 and our winner for the night was lovely Sammy who won a whopping £5000 worth of chips on the Blackjack table, much to Nicole’s despair. After many Fun Casino nights held by ABC Events, Perth has come out on top of all the lucky destinations we have hosted. A big well done to the winners, and congratulations for another year of success at St. Johnstone Business Club. We can’t wait to do it all again!!



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