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SKY Celebrates Opening of new call centre

ABC Events very own three quarter length Formula 1 Racing Simulator was touring Cardiff this week, resplendent in Red Bull style livery, motion controlled F1 Steering Wheel with LED lights, fast flick gear control and a super-sized HDTV offering full screen 1080p immersive gameplay.

Across the two days our equipment was part of the new office celebrations and the team at Sky couldn't get enough of the racing excitement, and a more competitive bunch I doubt you will find, as they attempted to outdo each other’s best lap times around the track.

Our staff helped boost the excitement, (and sugar levels), as we had our new 20 bin "Pick n Mix" stand providing unlimited childhood sweet treats such as fried eggs, chocolate raisins and candy mice, milk tooth gummies, puff candy and more! All washed down with an ABC slush machine pouring cup after cup of Welsh Flag themed slush and the seemingly magic candy floss machine providing little clouds of sugary pleasures in Cardiff blue and pride pink.

As an antidote for the sugar rush, savoury lovers partook in free cinema styled hotdogs and freshly made popcorn, ensuring our machines were sizzling and popping constantly over the two day event.

There were smiles abound throughout the days' festivities as the staff eagerly grabbed the grub and I'd even say more work was achieved due to the high sugar intake! But the event came to a close when none other than Sky Sports mainstay,  Jamie Rednap filled his "boots" with the fun food before it was all gone.

A great event in the beautiful city of Cardiff, we loved working with Katie and her team and helping the whole team from Sky celebrate!


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