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Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

We were at the wonderful Westerwood Hotel and Golf Resort for an evening of high stakes gambling at one of our much applauded Fun Casino Nights, as the evening’s entertainment was a surprise we set up as dinner was served in the fantastic Carrick Suite.

As the doors opened the guests were greeted with our full sized professional gaming tables including the Blackjack and Roulette, both of which proved extremely popular throughout the evening, keeping our croupiers busy for the duration of the event.

Our clients placed bets as if the money was free, and it was, which was reflected in the stupendously haphazard way in which the bets were placed. Some of the high rollers even tried a new approach to gambling by attempting to pay for their bar tab with our branded fun casino money, which unfortunately for them didn't quite go as planned.

When it was at last time to "cash-in" the overall winner of the evening's entertainment was by far Morag with a resounding £480 profit and to celebrate she walked away with our ABC Winners Trophy and a Magnum of the finest Champagne with which to fill it.

Where there's a winner there’s always a "non-winner"? so the "non-winner" of this evenings' proceedings with a negative amount was David who still managed to proudly grab the fantastic Wooden Spoon to mount on his mantle!

A great evening of entertainment as always with the Fun Casino Hire package and a pleasure working with everyone from the Federation who had a great night of entertainment.

Thank you to Karen at SFHA for putting on a fantastic night and we look forward to seeing you all again in October!


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