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Seasonal Themed Event Ideas

Halloween Haunting

One of the most underrated yearly holidays within the Corporate Event industry has be be All Hallows Eve - Samhain - Halloween! With the plethora of possibilities in scare-ific decor and horror themed games and spooktacular theming packages, it's a shame that this time of the year isn't embraced as much as Christmas for employee events and entertainment.

Throughout the 80s surge in home entertainment via Betamax and VHS cassettes, my young mind was always enthralled by the eerie nature of ghost stories and demented horror. Having written for major genre publications both in the UK and the US it was a no brainer to get me involved in recreating some of our most popular pieces of equipment for the season of the witch!

With a firm tongue in cheek Frankenstein approach I have spawned the Horror Booth!!! Encase yourself in a Gothic tomb to capture your soul onto photographic paper whilst utilising our range of horrific costumes and gory props. Not only that, as our booth is green screen enabled, we can supply a wide range of stunning photo backgrounds that can not only put you in a terrifying setting, but with the use of well-placed green props we can even remove your head, or any other limb your wish.

For the more brave out there, we have created one of the first virtual reality giant games packages that can place your directly into a Zombie Infested world using our state of the art audio visual equipment, wifi, a VR headset that controls your movement within the game and places you in an all-consuming virtual environment rife with the undead!

If that sounds way too much then we can resurrect our Tin Can Alley as a Creature Feature Shoot Out with Halloween inspired give away prizes.

Finally we also have access to some of the most lifelike, life sized Halloween props such as Werewolf’s, Zombies, Witches, Tombstones, Skeletons and more. So why not make ABC your pilot over the River Styx this year and create a hair raising event for your staff that they won't forget!


Xmas Xperts

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..

That’s right now we have crossed the half way mark it is officially acceptable to start talking about CHRISTMAS! At ABC Events we love helping you celebrate in style with friends, family and colleagues so why not let our team add that extra bit of magic to your event, with full festive theming packages, transform your venue into a winter wonderland. We can even bring the winter weather with our snow machine, sure to wow your guests!

Whether you are looking to have evening entertainment in the form of our Festive Fun Casino, Rudolph’s Race Night or hire our Giant Snow globes we can help you create a festive frenzy, Santa himself would be proud.



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