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As part of the Father’s Day celebrations at the fantastic Rivergate Shopping Centre in Irvine they ran a Facebook competition, whereby 30 lucky winners had the chance to experience the thrills of F1 Racing in the form of our sleek and sporty three quarter length F1 Racing Car simulator complete with awesome sound and 3D graphics.

With 4 racers per slot, each were challenge to a 3 Lap race against such legends as Coultard and Lewis. Our fastest lap of the day was set by Stephen whose son, an avid gamer, set the bar high at an impressive 1.34 seconds. However, the next two runners up came in close at 1.35 seconds Dennis and 1.36 seconds by Jeffrey - but we all know that in the super charged world of F1 racing, a second is a loooong time. So much applause all round for our racers.

I feel now is a good time to mention our one and only disqualification of the day - well done to Robert, an aggressive driver that enjoyed the destruction of other cars more than winning.

With a steady flow throughout the day, all competitors were not only enthralled by the F1 simulator but the Rivergate awarded each and every one of the participants with a lovely goodie bag full of sweets, toiletries and even a free tipple.

Whilst the "grown-ups" had their fun, the children were looked after by our team on the inflatable Gladiator duel, it was extremely popular and saw a lot of champions step up to the podium. Chris was our winner for managing to get through 4 rounds undefeated, he certainly set the precedence for the rest of the competitors.

All in all a great day and we were very honoured to make some great father day memories, a big thanks to the Rivergate for inviting our team here at ABC Events along to a very special Fathers Day indeed, see you all next year.



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