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Hello and welcome to the new look ABC Events, we hope you are enjoying your journey through our website and services and thank you for popping in to have a look at what we have to offer. Since December our fantastic team of professional event enthusiasts have been working tirelessly to create what you see before you now and if we do say so ourselves we are quite proud at what we have created. It all started with a concept; that being that we wanted to build a brand which represented our team, our services and encapsulated the sheer essence of what we stand for as a company.
It all sounds quite epic I know but actually it was the beginning of what you see here now. Every detail, every colour, every image, every word has been created and selected by our team here at ABC Events. The company itself has been in existence for over 24 years but it has never fully focused on having an identity or brand. In this day and age it is almost unheard off, we are constantly bombarded with brands on a daily basis from the minute we wake up to the minute we fall asleep. Brands can give us as people an identity, a sense of accomplishment and something to strive towards. So it was first port of call for ABC Events when the new Managing Director Bob Scott took to the helm.


Working with an up and coming Edinburgh based graphic designer we created our logo, a bright, exciting, fun and creative design. We chose to integrate our service colours into our brand because quite simply that is what makes ABC Events. Each service is an element to what we as a team can do for our clients, so to us it made complete sense to have them at the forefront of our brand.


Now with our logo created it was time to develop our values, this was a team effort and actually was quite an easy part to the whole branding process. As individuals our whole team is made up of as we have termed them ‘Event Enthusiasts’. This basically means that when recruiting and building the team it has always been a requirement that you genuinely have a passion for the creation and execution of events. By doing so the team we have now established has a whopping 105 years combined experience in the Event Industry. So coming up with what we value about our job and what we provide was almost second nature.


We have great respect for everyone involved in the event industry and recognise the hard work and determination it takes to succeed. We strive to continue to improve and adapt as company within the events sector, and hope that our brand becomes recognised for what we as a company can achieve and what others strive to be. It has been an incredible experience for us all to be part of this change and I am sure in the coming months and years we will be able to show our development with our brand which is in line with our company values.  Thank you again for taking the time to visit our new site and delve a bit deeper in to why #weareABC, we look forward to having the opportunity to work with you soon.


No matter what budget, style or remit your event is, we can do it all