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Rainbow and Brownie Rah Rah Rio Fun Day

After the winter weather on Friday it was great to have a beautiful sunny spring day for the Rainbow and Brownie" Rah Rah Rio" Brazilian and Olympic themed funday held in and around Craigholme Sports Complex. Gathering troupes from all over the Glasgow area, there were more than 400 Brownies, Guides and Rainbows in attendance to take part in the huge fun day set out for them. The event comsisted of three zones: Olympic Zone, Adventure Zone and Carnival Zone.

Kirsten and Jade made sure the girls were taken care of at each of the different stations where they had the chance to race, dance and bounce! The music blasting out of our PA system in the games hall had these tiny dancers frantically learning new moves under the guidance of the instructor who was brave enough to take on dozens at a time!

On the way out into the glorious sunshine it was a difficult choice between the treasure hunts, school races, Sea Life petting zoo - a Shark? - or the Adventure Zone featuring our Ball Pool, Assault Course and a huge Bouncy Castle. The girls were enjoying their day out, using all the available activities laid out for them.

Our Assault Course races kept the teams active as they competed against each other and the Rainbows proved to be the best in the Ball Pool as we challenged them to find the hidden luminous balls amongst the 1000s already in there, although the girls didn't appreciate the joke that there were also worms and slugs at the bottom!

The guide leaders even managed to convince us to let them onto the inflatables during lunch! It was about time they felt for themselves how tiring the Assault Course could be - red faces all round and it wasn't just the sun to blame.

All in all a splendid day and a pleasure to meet so many lovely people whose only focus was to make sure their girls had the best day possible. We look forward to seeing everyone soon.


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