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Setting off in the early hours of the morning, the ABC Events team were Aberdeen bound through the somewhat stormy weather with a van load of fun.

To encourage local sport car aficionados into their showroom and to showcase their new models, PORSCHE ABERDEEN invited ABC Events to participate in the festivities. Bringing our huge Brandshatch Scalextrics replica with flowing curves, hairpin turns, chicanes and treacherous straights, our slot car racing experts helped mould the players into professional racers - or rather experts at crashing!

Setting up in the almost spotless Porsche Repair Centre, surrounded by the accoutrements of car maintenance, and with the smell of oil in the air, it all added to the authenticity of high speed car racing.

With up to four cars racing at a time, the competitors had to hone their skills in order to keep ahead as well as on the track! The competition was fierce amongst children and adults alike with the fastest lap of the day an astounding 7.2 seconds (6.9 in practice laps) set by Porsche Salesman extraordinaire Paul Kelly. In the children category Ben Allen was close behind the overall winner logging in an impressive 7.54 seconds.

Our Scalextrics was in constant use throughout the entire day and a change of cars kept the fun and excitement at an all-day high. For some customers, seeing the Scalextrics track in its full glory brought back memories of their halcyon days when they had figure 8 tracks in their youth.

Meeting a range of interesting and fun characters made this event an all-round success for ABC Events and PORSCHE and we are looking forward to working together again in the near future.





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