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Nicoles' 6 Month Placement

WOW! I can’t believe my 6 month placement has come to an end, what a journey it has been, I knew right from the start that this internship would be a learning curve, however, I never thought I would have taken so much from it. Being an intern at ABC Events has been so much more than I had expected, fast paced, fun and educational. Let me fill you in on my journey over the past 6 months…

Training Academy
As mentioned in my first write up, one of my main objectives at the start of my placement was to help in the creation of the ABC Events Training Academy, bringing in new members of staff and teaching them the tricks of the trade, event basics and the level of customer service expected within ABC Events. After months of recruiting and planning the training academy took place on Saturday 16th May 2015. We had such a great turn out, with over 70 new recruits piling in to learn as much as they could from the exciting training day.

The ABC Events Training Academy is vital to the success of the business, having employees that are fully trained on how to handle our clients with the best possible customer service, and also, to keep them and ourselves safe as we plan and deliver their dream event.

The training that our staff members received drove them through our busiest months at ABC Events, we now have a solid group of part-time event staff that we are proud to have out on our events, seeing them build rapport and really look after our clients is a true representation of the success of the Level 1 Training Academy.

Right from the start of my time at ABC Events, I was given a significant amount of responsibility, managing my own team of staff and dealing first hand with important clients. As my time went on, that responsibility started to grow, continuing with my Event Manager duties but also taking a leading role in recruitment and staff handling,  allocating staff to each job, training staff on each activity and being their first port of call for any problems or issues they may be having relating to work.

I have loved every aspect of having such an important role within the company, I have also loved watching the part time staff that I recruited growing and learning within the company, I really do see a future for them with ABC Events.

After having my final review as ABC Events Intern it really is brilliant having my Manger Kirsty giving feedback on my work and really making me feel appreciated. Alongside positive feedback I received, I have taken on some constructive criticism which has really played a part in my growth as a person throughout my time here.

ABC Banter
Throwing back to my start of placement write up, I had explained how important it was to me to be in an enjoyable environment throughout my placement

I have always been extremely passionate about my career as it is rare to find a job that excites you every day, so to be able to work in such an exciting company alongside such equally passionate people, I feel very blessed.

Now at the end of my placement, I can only add to this, being a part of such a dynamic and passionate team has really pushed me further within my development. From each member of the team I have learnt heaps, from learning about Sales and Marketing from Kirsty, Event Management and leadership from Bob, IT and Marketing from Stephen, Events logistics from Grant, Equipment Maintenance from Stu and Glaswegian banter and customer relations from my partner in crime David. The banter within the office has been the best, I have enjoyed every minute! I can’t thank them enough.

More than that, from both of my managers Bob and Kirsty I have really admired and tried my best to imitate their passion and positive attitude towards the industry, my outlook on my career has taken a positive boost.

Throughout my internship I have received a fantastic amount of support, through long hours and event pressure, the team at ABC Events and my family at home have been a great help. Providing encouragement and hilarity, I have been able to breeze through the months. After dealing with such busy months and event pressure I feel ready to take on anything!

Drawing in on the importance of my placement, the quality of my final degree. I have tried my best to apply the Events and Business theory that I have taken in at my time at University. After my time at ABC Events I have taken on a substantial amount of Events Knowledge to help me within my career, I now know you really can’t learn as much from books as you so from real life experiences. Through meeting with clients, site visits and event planning, my knowledge on logistics and customer service has only improved.

During my final review I am delighted to announce I will be staying within the company as I complete my final year at University! Say hello to the new Events and Staff Supervisor…ain’t getting rid of me now!!

Now, as I sit down to write up my University Placement Report, I really do not know where to start…

Wish me luck!



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