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It was an early rise for the ABC Events crew heading to Aberdeen for what turned out to be one of the hottest days of the "Summer" for the Nexen corporate family fun day. Armed with a wide range of equipment including our brand new Skittle Alley and Disco Dome as well as our Carnival Sider Stalls, PA System, Slides and much more. We were set up in record time and even had a chance to look around the amazing Grease themed decor and attractions.

1950's American was the order of the day and to help fulfil this nostalgic look our face printers did a remarkable job with nearly every child in attendance, and some adults, getting a whole range of styles painted. As the crowds turned up we even saw 8 foot Pink Ladies - well they were on stilts! - and even a Danny Zuko doing the meet and greet next to the immaculate Dodge car.

With the traditional fairground rides grabbing some attention from the younger children and encouraging adults to try the Segways, the Skittle Alley proved extremely popular as entire families tried to get a strike on our 30ft alley. One memorable trick shot was when a gentleman missed the last pin with his last ball - only for it to bounce back onto the alley and knock it down from the wrong direction - impressive.

As the sun continued to shine throughout the afternoon the school races got underway, much competitive camaraderie ensued whilst racing Space Hoppers, competing in the Egg n Spoon and Sack Races where even last place got rewarded. If all that wasn't too much energy then the Treasure Hunt, themed to suit, kept families captivated as they were challenged to find all the hidden clues throughout the Event. Needless to say that after all participants completed the tasks the Ice Cream cart was inundated with customers.

Of course the day wouldn’t have been complete without a Jive workshop, Danny and Sandy would have been proud!  After a dance parents retreated to relax in the sun and enjoy the BBQ whilst the children still full of energy enjoyed our Ball Pool, Giant Games and Disco Dome to their hearts content. It was particularly funny to see the children with spooky face paint emerge from the blackout interior of the Disco Dome who tried their hardest to scare me each and every time - thanks kids!

Special thanks to John and Kathleen at Elite Promotions for their outstanding hospitality to all of our team throughout the entire day and of course to the team at Nexen – we really enjoyed working with you on this event and can’t wait to find out the theme for 2017!!


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