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Newcastle Racecourse Highland Games

We sent one of our best events teams to Newcastle this week to deliver our now "famous" Mini Highland Games as a Team Building exercise at the stunning Newcastle Racecourse at Gosforth Park.

Our competing clans were all named in an appropriately Scottish nomenclature such as "Mighty Mac n Cheese", "The Fearless Wallace Clan", "The Crazy Shaggy Coos" and the cerebral "Clan Destine". Everyone was in a competitive and enthusiastic mood and were raring to go. The selection for the Newcastle Racecourse consisted of the usual suspects; Haggis Throw, Caber Toss, Claymore Hold, Archery and Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting all of which saw close scoring from all team involved, each eager to win the ABC Trophy for themselves.

During the Haggis Throw, "Mighty Mac n Cheese" couldn't seem to handle the traditional Scottish delicacy, sending their bundle of goodness into an exploding mess as a result of over eager participants, still they did manage to garner a few points.

Now the Caber Toss revealed tough competition between teams "Fearless Wallace" and "Shaggy Coos" who both outdid each other by throwing the Caber clean out of the designated arena, proving themselves Braveheart worthy. Again the Claymore Hold was deceptively difficult and is a true test of strength and will power. As always a real highlight of the afternoon with the clans showing determination and grit, as well as comical face pulling, as they tried to keep the two handed sword level using one hand.

The final activity within this section is the Welly Toss event: sounds simple enough, throw a welly under arm as close to the markers as possible. However, "Clan Destine" seemed content to invent their own take on this classic by managing to repeatedly getting the Welly to Boomerang back! Impressive but this skill resulted only in negative points.

The days' activities of strength gave way to an interlude of sorts as we focussed the teams more on accuracy on the amazingly popular Archery and Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting and the "Shaggy Coos" once again came out on top of the sharp shooting contest resulting in them grabbing the acclaimed ABC Trophy. Well done guys, we hope to visit Newcastle Racecourse again soon.


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