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In order to generate a buzz around Heineken's Amstel Activation day, out team where invited to supply interactive activites for the sales teams that featured a somewhat healthy outlook, which gave us the opportunity to introduce our newest addition - The Smoothie Bike!. The colourful stationery bike features an adjustable speed regulator all attached to a pedal based Philips blender. So for that smoother belnd of fruit juice and fresh fruit - well you better pedal as fast as you can!

To start the event off, our team demonstrated how best to blend your smoothie by following one of our supplied recipes but alas, everyone enjoyed experimenting with their own concoctions, throwing everything in there from spinach to pineapple, whatever took their fancy. All served in a proper smoothie cup, each creation was a treat to the palate.

Elsewhere in Heineken, the staff tried their hardest to beat the clock using our Giant Operation game with only one professional surgeon removing all fake organs in less than 30 seconds! and that was winthout the buzzer going off. All in all another funtastic event enjoyed by staff and the event team that helped entertain and energise throughout the day.




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