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Hamilton Park Racecourse

And there off!

Celebrating opening day of the race season at Hamilton Park Racecourse, the ABC team where invited to attend and to deliver the family fun day experience for all of the race goers and their families.

Always a fantastic occasion, and an excuse to dress to impress, the Day At The Races event was, as previous years, highly successful with literally hundreds of visiting families and friends. Our remit was to supply something for all ages, ranging from the young kids selection featuring the swashbuckling pirate bouncy castle and ball pool, to our famous alien laser quest and a whole host of inflatable equipment.

As always the aerobatic four bed bungee trampolines saw thrill seekers flying an flipping in the air above the parade ring pulling manoeuvres straight from a Jackie Chan movie. At the other end of the fairway the airborne adventure was the best seat in the house, soaring users high above the racecourse to over 20ft then floating gently down to the ground with the aid of the built in parachute.

Popular with all manner of sharp shooters our paintball shooting range allowed safe target practice, and the bucking bronco kept everyone entertained, at one point the Hamilton Racecourse mascot, The Duke showed his skills and has now joined a unique club that includes a Chicken, a Policeman and a Giraffe!

For the more down to earth attendees, we had our 9 hole crazy golf, carnival darts stall and giant games package which was constantly busy offering families to play and compete together. We also used this fun day opportunity to introduce our new clown "Clownarella" teaching traditional clown skills from her stock of props including Diablo sticks, Spinning Plate skills and Juggling - at the end of the day we're sure a lot of children had a new chosen career to follow!

As if that wasn't enough, and with the weather attempting to dampen spirits, smiles were artificially created by our talented face painters, temporary tattoo artists and hair braiders really gave the whole course a fun summer feel.

Another fantastic year at the amazing Hamilton Park Race Course, thank you to Cathy for all your hardwork and we look forward to working with you again soon.


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