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Drumtochty Castle Highland Games

Cabers at the ready !!

The sun was shining as the 75 guests were ready to take on the mighty ABC Events Highland Games at the opulent Drumtochty Castle in Aberdeenshire. After the brief and the health 7 safety we split the group into 8 teams, they all came up with fantastic Scottish themed names, most too rude to mention, and set off onto their first rotations. The 8 rotations were filled with Highland hilarity, games such as Caber Toss, Welly Throw, Haggis Hurling and Weight Over Bar were a real hit.

The Claymore hold was a great event for the group to show off their strength and it really brought out the competitive nature within the wedding party, especially when taking on the weight of our authentic Claymore Scottish sword. The rotations worked seamlessly to create a fun and relaxed day, each of the 8 teams got a chance to play one another on each game, so no one missed out!

Whilst the eight teams visitied the infamous Shot Putt area of our Highland Games, a few records where broken! For continously impressing everyone in attendance with their almost perfect scoring, the Scotch Balls took the rest to the cleaners, each and every time. Hitting the furthest marker more than anyone else, this strong team could not be faulted, well maybe apart from the fact they used the light Shot Putt designed for the smaller person. Cheating? I don't know - I'll leave that up to the other guests to decide.

Each team came and went, throwing two rounds each, the worst throw being the practice turn by default. When the McNasties stepped up to the block, they used little Charlie, who at 2 years old,  took the defining shot for the team and reached an impressive 200 points. High fives all round, well done young man.

Without divulging the worst players *ahem* "Nigels Angels", (what happened?), all our teams had a great time flexing at least one muscle during the games and I'm sure the teams did well throughout the day. Competitors young and old all pitched in and made excellent effort for their teams, admirable!

As close a competition as we saw all day with some awesome high scores at the Weight Over Bar event, and epic tosses from both sides of the gender pool. Surprisingly some of our female competitors stepped up to the bar full of confidence and bravado, Nigel's Angels in particular with two thirds of their team reaching the highest pole.

Our host couple although on competing sides today also put an extremely enthusiastic performance for both of their teams, the Hairy Coos and the Willie Jock McPoos with some of the biggest scores of the day.

The Tug of War Finale got serious, with the Scotch Balls and the Hairy Coos battling against eachother after knocking Nigel’s Angels out of the running. The mood was tense as the crowd counted down from 10 to the battle, the teams exchanged some tough fight talk, and the horn blew…TUG…and the Scotch Balls defeated the Hairy Coos after a tough 30 second struggle.

Due to their Tug of War victory the Scotch Balls walked away with the mighty ABC Events Highland Games trophy, and weren’t they delighted!

Walking away with the Losers Wooden Spoon was Nigel’s Angels, and they owned that last position!

Such an amazing day to end the wedding celebrations, we all had such a great time! We wish all the best to Richard and Jeanette for their future.

The teams from Winners to Losers:

Scotch Balls
Nips and Tatties
Sheep Sha**ers
Hairy Coos
Caber Ceilidhs
Willie Jock McPoos

and of course

Nigel's Angels



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