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Diageo Team Building Space Academy

On an gloriously bright sunny day in April, the ABC Events team gathered the movers and shakers from Diageo together at the splendid Mercure Barony Castle Hotel for a day of Space themed team building session.

Already full of team spirit, Diageo were split into six competing teams of six with names such as The White Walkers, Men In White, Team Spirit, Kate's Crusaders, Team Teletubbies and Where's Wullie! As they donned their white Space Suits the teams were greeted by our Star Commander Bob for a Mission brief on what to expect from the day’s events.

Utilising the spectacular landscaped forestry grounds in and around Barony to facilitate not only our specially design Team building games but also an ideal opportunity to incorporate a whole orienteering aspect between areas. Each team were armed with a backpack containing all their required equipment to enable them to move around and locate each area, answering questions at each point in order to progress.

Focusing on trust, team work, planning & reasoning and communication skills, our ZERO GRAVITY activity allowed the teams to excel. We saw some great "out-of-the-box" thinking from some of our teams using self-sacrifice as team mates allowed each other to lift and climb on top of the other, to achieve their joint goals.

Having landed on Mars it is time to explore the planet surface, and find discover if there is a trace of life out there by collecting artefacts. Once all artefacts had been found, and our teams had traversed the course, they then had to make it back to base camp. 

It sounds easy but the teams quickly realised they had a bigger challenge on their hands than first imagined. It was great seeing all of the teams come together during this task, collaborating with each other to ensure success during this challenge.

A special mention has to go out to “Team Spirit” who were extremely thorough and  made sure every team member knew exactly their role and how they would approach each task.

With the Mars mission complete it was time to put the cadets of the Academy through their paces with a scenario based crash challenge.  Some teams had a tendency to overthink some aspects, that and the fact most had watched The Martian, they attempted to construct spacecraft from the most unlikely of components! There was also the unsettling decision to shoot and eat any wounded - all light hearted of course as they soon collaborated and came up with a structured solution to solve their imminent situation.


  1. Team Spirit
  2. Team Teletubbies
  3. Men In White
  4. Where's Wullie
  5. Kate's Crusaders
  6. The White Walkers

It was a great day and a pleasure to work with such a fantastic team, we are delighted to announce that all Cadets graduated from the ABC Events Space Academy.

Thank you to Ivy at Diageo for organising the event and of course to all of the team at Mercure Barony Castle, we look forward to working with you again.


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