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CBRE Team Building Sports Day

As part of the yearly CBRE staff and team building incentives we were asked along to bring a blast from the past with our ABC Events School sports day  at the excellent Hillhead Rugby Club. Our Sports day is complete with all the classics Egg and Spoon Race, Space Hopper Relay, Wheel Barrow and so much more! CBRE chose to include our Welly Toss, Team Skis and an impressive 130 ft inflatable Assault Course with Slides, Biff n Bash Obstacles and Tunnels and finally finishing off with the highly competitive Tug O War.

Splitting the group into 9 competing teams, with imaginative names such as Red or Alive, Marks' Maestros, James' Blue Eyed Beauties, The All Blacks, Mad Squad (pronounced Skwad), In The Navy, The Pink Ladies (Grease influence?) and Goldies it was time for the Warm up to get all the teams raring to go.

After the warm up and a big drink of water, our Mr motivator Bob Scott got the teams energised and relaxed with the simple but effective Levitation challenge which the Red or Alive and The Pink Ladies took no prisoners and collected 1000 points and then the music was turned up loud and a big shout of “ Let the CBRE games begin”

As team captains were chosen we kicked off the CBRE games with Egg and Spoon and from the outset we knew they were going to be  scrambling through the lanes but in the end Marks Maestros and The Pink ladies cracked it off with 1000 points each. Space Hopper dash was so fast paced as the teams kept one eye on the prize  with all collecting high points towards their total.

Skipping race proved to be an exhausting challenge with In the Navy and James Blue Eyed Beauties taking home low scores but Marks Maestros and The Pink ladies collecting top marks with 1000 each again.

We quickly moved through the next few activities off Welly, Sack, Wheelbarrow and tug of war and got the teams primed for the finale of Obstacle Skis and the 130ft Assault Course. Once the teams had all completed the CBRE games and gotten their breath back it was time for the scores. As we announced that the scores had been checked and verified the trophy and spoon was ready there was tension in the air!

Last Place – In The Navy 4900
7th  Place  -   The All Black 5900
6th Place  -    James Blue Eyed Beauties 6050
5th Place   - Red or Alive  6350
4th Place   -  Goldies 6550
3rd Place  -  The Pink Ladies 7050
2nd Place  - Marks Maestros 7300
1st Place  - Mad Skwad 7500

It was a fantastic day and well orgainsed by the whole committee. Here at ABC Events, we look forward to the re-match!



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