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Carberry Tower Highland Games

Bringing one of our most requested packages to the historic Carberry Tower for a group from Sydney, Australia, who had made the long flight to Scotland to celebrate their friends engagement we were looking forward to trying out some Scottish themed activities.

As ever our famous Mini Highland Games packages offered that authentic Scottish experience for all taking part.

After a quick introduction and briefing; the ‘See you Jimmy’ hats were handed out and we were onto our first event, the Haggis Hurl.

Now bearing in mind the group had only been in the UK for 24 hours so they were naturally a bit perplexed as to exactly what was going on – this didn’t however deter any competitiveness with both teams trying their best to score maximum points.

The second event of the day was the Tug of War. With teams fairly evenly matched it came down to tactics as they decided that barefoot was the way to go – which in fairness worked almost 50% of the time!

The Welly Throw was another eye opener for our Australians, with technique proving to be more important than power.

The Caber Toss was excellent to watch. Most of our group hadn’t seen the event before so were really trying to get their technique sorted in as quick a time as possible.

Speaking of technique there was some sketchy arm movements as our teams tried achieve the longest cumulative time in the Claymore Hold. Unfortunately no points were awarded for gurning as both teams were making some interesting faces as they really tried to keep our sword from touching the ground.

Going into the final event it was all still to play for with lots of points to be awarded. Archery was really sifting the men from the boys. After the scores had been totted up the ABC Trophy was awarded to Team Stark who had won by a fairly sizeable score over their competitors, Team Tyron.

We would like to thank our teams for a great afternoon, and we hope you have a fantastic holiday in Bonnie Scotland. A special mention goes out to our future groom, Vijay - we wish you all the best for you big day, but please, make sure you lay off the malts when it comes round!


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