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Biomar Murder Mystery

Biomar Murder MysteryOn a wet and windy night, the beautiful Stirling Highland Hotel played host to our client’s 20th Anniversary Celebrations. Our unsuspecting clients from Biomar UK Ltd started their evening with a relaxing drinks reception when just after 7.15pm, the actors burst into the room to deliver the first act of the evening. Guests were intrigued to find out what was going on and who had interrupted their evening. It was quick to see that the guests were very surprised and laughter and applause filled the room.

The actors played their parts as it came apparent there had been a truly awful Murder! The guests now had to interrogate the actors to find out exactly what they thought had went on. Each table had a space reserved for the actors and one by one the actors moved around the tables. The guests done well to ask as many questions as possible…

Had anyone solved the murder yet? A few of the teams were completely unsure, with bribery becoming their only chance! After a wonderful meal, our guests took the last few possible minutes to try to come up with their murderer and motive, before the mystery unfolded and the final scene was acted. All possible answers were given from the teams, from the brilliant… to the terrible! The room filled with cheers and gasps as the murderer was revealed!

In the end it was our team from Table 3 who solved the mystery with the correct answers – Who and How!

The team received a round of applause as they were crowned the winners and took home the ABC Events Winners Trophy! Our wooden spoon went out to team at Table 5 who seemed to get really confused and seemed like they were blaming themselves! Table 3 suggested suicide! We had a fantastic evening with the team at Biomar and I’d like to thank June for organising such a successful evening and we look forward to seeing you again next year!


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