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Archerfield House Casino Night

Archerfield House Casino Night

The scene was set, a cool evening, excitement in the air, the grand Archerfield House as a backdrop with all in attendance wondering what was behind the double doors…..  

And then as the doors swung open we left North Berwick and were transported to all the glitz and glamour of the high rollers tables in Monte Carlo and a private casino suite reminiscent of the Sociate des Bains de Mer.

Blackjack and Roulette were the games of choice, as the ABC Casino events team put on a night to remember for our lucky guests.

Cheers and groans alike could be heard as our croupiers turned the cards and the hands were drawn. An air of anticipation was like a bubble around the roulette table as people waited for the ball to drop and their fate decided. After the fantastic celebrations during the day everyone really got into the swing of things collecting there winning chips and mixing between the two tables like professional players.

It was on the roulette table where our eventual high roller for the night emerged, unbelievably Mrs McGrudy, waited till the last 3 spins to claim over £15000 worth of Fun Money in winnings, an outstanding win in the last minutes of play, a massive congratulations and very well-deserved win.

On Blackjack it was a very different story, with a packed table all night our dealer Nicole seemed to be handing out lots of high stacks. In the last hand Diane, Helen and Sandy went all in, risking it all on the chance to take the victory. It was tense as the final cards fell you could have heard a pin drop as everyone gathered round to watch Blackjack the win went to Nicole our dealer and the room erupted in cheers and high fives all round, it was a great atmosphere!

Thank you to the fantastic team at Archerfield House and Estate for arranging a spectacular day and night of celebrations and to all of the guests for taking part.



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