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Archerfield House Casino Night

The ABC Events Casino team hit the road to deliver the high rollers from Clear Partners for a memorable and exciting night of Evening Entertainment. There was an excellent mix in attendance sure to make it a thrilling evening, we had self-proclaimed experts and first timers, so the competition was already set to be intense and extremely competitive.

Hosted in the grand Archerfield House in North Berwick, a backdrop suited to this night of high stakes and cocktail dresses, with the decor reminiscent of the best vintage movies adding to a certain authenticity. The ABC Events Casino team dealt Blackjack, Roulette and Craps. There were many beginners but they all got into the swing of things and picked it up very quickly of course all hoping to take the winner’s trophy home and be crowned champion.

At the Roulette Table as well as chips there were fantastic prizes to be won in, from Oor Wullies toffee and shortbread to hilarious jock hats, everyone’s got into the Scottish spirit.

It was clear as the night went on that the competition had heated up, we had several big winners coming from the Craps and Blackjack Table who then tried their luck on the Roulette only to lose it all.  All in good spirits they continued with the help of the banker, there was a few debts to be paid at the end of the evening.

Our biggest winners of the night was "Big John" from London, and Neil from Manchester who decided on different tactics to take home the trophy. John went all in on red with 2 spins to go and Neil bet big spreading his luck across several numbers…

‘black 22’ and Neil took the win tonight with a £7200 fun money total.

A great night of Evening Entertainment with everyone in high spirits throughout, even those who didn't win the Trophy, thank you to the team at Clear Partners and once again to the fantastic Archerfield House, as always a pleasure to work with you and we look forward to seeing you again soon.



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