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Top Ten Equipment Hits of the Summer

Now that we are well and truly in the midst’s of summer, the season of Galas and Fun Days throughout the UK we thought this would be the perfect time to share our top 10 activities with you. We own over 300 inflatables and an extensive range of large fun day activities and throughout the summer months deliver up to a whopping 50 Fun Day events. So through our experience and years of knowledge we have learned to adapt and create new equipment to entertain, surprise and create a memorable experience for guests year on year.


Gone are the days of the traditional bouncy castles or good old trampoline system quenching the thirst of kids and teens alike, now there is a demand to add a competitive streak to the mix, which can breathe a new lease of life into traditional Fun Day equipment.

For example, our most popular activities this year include our Bungee Trampolines which offer up to four participants the chance to sore sky high, vying for the best summersault or air acrobatics performance, and with such spectacular views on offer, you can always guarantee these as a big crowd pleaser. In close 2nd place is our mobile auto belay Climbing Wall, again offering up to four climbers at a time, suitable for all ages participants can select which route to take to the top and be safe in the knowledge that the state of the art auto belay system will slow their abseil back down to earth with just enough time to take in the spectacular views, ready for the next climber.


ABC Events Top Ten Fun Day Activities

Bungee Trampolines
Mobile Climbing Wall
Airborne Adventure
Lazer Quest
Bungee Run
Assault Course
Wrecking Ball
Bucking Bronco/Rodeo Bull
Human Table Football
Carnival Food Stalls

With the ever expanding “gaming generation”  our team of Event Enthusiasts face new challenges in the design and creation of activities, they have to be bigger, better and more unique in order to stand a chance of fulfilling the needs of our clients and their families.

This winter our team will hit the drawing board to design a whole new range of exciting inflatables launching for Summer 2016 so keep an eye out for updates in our galleries and social media.



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