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What better way to reward staff for all their hard work than a fun filled beach themed event!! The crew at ABC Events arrived bright and early to transform the SKY staff area in to a Caribbean island complete with our tiki bar, beach barrels, 20ft beach backdrop, surf simulator and of course what tropical island would be complete without a white sand beach.

To get the team settled into Beach life the team at SKY were challenged to a sand castle competition. Splitting down into teams the competition was fierce as the buckets and spades were handed out in order to begin the magnificent construction of the SKY castles!

Liam and George set the bar high with their impressive sand castle, opting for a Game of Thrones theme complete with a moat and drawbridge, they were confident they had this challenge all wrapped up! That was until team Kerny stormed into the lead with their admirable 3 tier castle with surrounding mini castles and sand animals, WOW! Worthy winners judged by our very own ABC Events sand castle expert David.

Now with the competition mounting it was time for the teams to try their luck on the surf sim. This is not as easy as it looks with many challengers only managing to ride the wave for 10 seconds, c’mon guys!

Our winner was reluctant to succumb to the watery depth of the surf sim and on her 10th attempt, the unbelievably competitive Jodie Sweeny surfed her way to victory with a whopping 1 minute and 26 second hold! Amazing!

After all the fun of the competitions, the teams from SKY had a chance to put their feet up and chill out in the traditional deck chairs with our refreshing cocktail flavoured slushies served up at our ABC Tiki Bar, what a way to end a lunch break!

A big thank you to Elaine and Sharon from SKY for arranging the event, it was fantastic to work with you and all of the team at SKY. We all had a great day, with everyone getting involved and into the spirit, it really made an event to remember. We can’t wait to do it all again in a few months, but until then, let’s hope the sun keeps shining!


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