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Archerfield House 
ABC Events At Archerfield House

Targets at the ready! The sun was shining as ABC Events packed their polished bows and arrows for a competitive day at the very fitting Archerfield House.

As a part of a company conference weekend, our clients got the chance to enjoy several activities around the Archerfield Estate, golf on the stunning links course, archery and the spa, the lucky things!!

We at ABC Events were joined by both experienced and unexperienced archers but all equally as keen to be the ABC Events champion. After an introduction to the equipment and health and safety aspects surrounding the activity, it was time for to go head to head against each other in three fun rounds.

The confidence bashing was in full swing as the competitors tried to throw each other off the targets, a popular technique for sore losers! Mike hit target in the first round, sending him into the lead just 20 minutes in to the event, but not for long, straight in with a bullseye in the second round was the gent aptly named ‘Robin Hood’ for the day, his first shot taking him straight into the lead with a whopping 500 points, must be the name!

The dark horse of the event Marie (known as ‘Belfast’ during the session) took everyone by surprise as she shot the bullseye in the money round, bagging herself £10, the Lady knows her priorities!

As expected however, Robin Hood won overall with the whopping 1330 points, he really got into the swing of it! Congratulations and we hope you and your team enjoyed the session with ABC Events.

Thank you to the team at Archerfield House and we look forward to working with you again soon, arrows at ease!




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